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Past and present abuse can have wide-ranging and significant effects on the mental and physical health of individuals. It also effects their self-concept, well-being, education, workplace productivity, and general contribution to society. In addition, the shadow of abuse can impact parenting and interpersonal relationships, creating a cycle of abuse from one generation to the next.

An ever-expanding network of researchers, clinicians, advocates and policy-makers are investigating these effects, resilience factors, and educational and societal best practices to provide change and healing.

Each month the National Library of Medicine lists hundreds of articles relating to abuse. The purpose of this website with these monthly research summaries is to provide a quick look at the most pertinent articles, as a support for those whose goal is to create a future of violence-free families.

While initially these summaries were created for the Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council, through a distributed listserve they now have an international audience.


National Library of Medicine (NLM)

The NLM is part of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Founded in 1836, it is the largest biomedical library in the world. Free electronic access became available in 1993.